History / Bible / Literature A

Intro to the World: Cultures

While the Pre-Kindergarten program emphasizes everyday things, everyday jobs, and everyday words, Sonlight A opens its investigation to the whole world.

I like to think of this course as a first attempt to place "pegs" for future information to hang on. Sonlight's other programs focus more in-depth on ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome; on the Vikings; on the World Wars. That will all come. But for this year, you'll read a few pages on each, as an introduction.

Overview of the History

In Sonlight A, two books tie the year's studies together. Both The Usborne Children's Encyclopedia and Living Long Ago feature simple text and excellent illustrations. You get brief, picture-filled overviews of key civilizations, like the Roman Empire and the Vikings. Explore the way people ate, dressed and lived through the centuries.

In Wild Places, children learn about the incredibly varied climates in the world: deserts, mountains, jungles.

The History also includes several wonderful, age-appropriate missionary biographies. I never grow tired of hearing of how the good news of Jesus changes people and cultures.

This program also includes my favorite children's Bible. When I read Egermeier's Bible Story Book to them, they would beg me to "read one more chapter!" I hope you will experience that same delight and interest in God's Word with your children.

Overview of the Literature

The Read-Alouds this year are stellar. I love the books, such as Winnie-the-Pooh and My Father's Dragon, in completely imaginary settings, with charming illustrations and escapades.

I also like the range of fiction books. You'll read one set in China, one in a lighthouse at Christmas, one in an apartment house in Florida, and one in the streets of Paris.

And we have a wonderful variety of fascinating nonfiction: two that take place in the ocean off the coast of Florida; a biography of Johnny Appleseed, born in New England in 1774. We have one book on nurses who served in Appalachia in the 1920s, one about the overthrow of a tyrant in the Alps in 1291, one set in France during WWII, and one about the unexpected adventures of a very unusual pet.

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Estimated daily time for Intro to the World: Cultures plus your other subjects: Student: 1.5-2 hrs | Parent: 1-1.5 hrs