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When should your children start learning a foreign language?

Because foreign language is often presented only as an elective at the high school level, many people assume that young children are not ready to learn a foreign language.

But that assumption is simply not true. Young children learn new languages far faster and easier than the majority of adolescents and adults do.

At Sonlight, we strongly recommend that students learn a foreign language beginning by sixth grade at the latest, and preferably sooner than that.

We carry this foreign language product: Rosetta Stone.

Foreign Language Overview

Many colleges have a foreign language admissions requirement: prospective students must have successfully completed at least two years' foreign language study at the high school level.

Even if you have no interest in college-level education or see no direct and practical application for language study, the truth is, learning a foreign language is good intellectual exercise. You will certainly walk away from a study of foreign language knowing English better than you did before!

All of these factors together lead us to do what educators down through the centuries have done: strongly recommend that students learn a foreign language beginning by sixth grade, at least.

If you think a foreign language homeschool curriculum is in your future, check out Rosetta Stone: an Immersion Approach to Foreign Language, and incredible foreign language program offered through Sonlight.

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