Level D+E - Intro to American History, One Year

Great for ages 9-12

Want a One-Year Option?

Sonlight's complete Intro to American History program takes two full years. If you have the time to do all of Sonlight D and E, that's still my top recommendation. You'll enjoy many more favorite books, and you'll get a deeper, richer study of history.

But not everyone feels they can spend two years on American History. Some customers are new to Sonlight and want to move quickly to the older programs. Some customers from countries outside the U.S. prefer to study American History with Sonlight for a year, study their country's history for a year, and then return to Sonlight for the Eastern Hemisphere program. Some customers know they have only this last year to homeschool, but would like to finish a whole course of study.

If so, rather than do only the first half or the second half of American History, I recommend this one-year condensed program. Although, of course, I had to leave some things out, it's my best effort to slim down our two-year program to a single year.

Estimated daily time for Intro to American History, One-Year Condensed plus your other subjects:

Student: 3.5-4.5 hrs | Parent: 2-3hrs

First time Sonlighting? Click here for a few required resources.

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