Level B+C - Intro to World History, One Year

Great for ages 7-9

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Sonlight's complete Intro to World History program takes two full years. If you have the time to do all of Sonlight B and C, that's still my top recommendation. You'll enjoy many more favorite books, and you'll get a deeper, richer study of history.

But not everyone feels they can spend two years on World History. Perhaps you are new to Sonlight and would prefer to only wait a year until the joy of American History in Sonlight D and E.

Whatever your circumstances, if you would prefer to only spend a year, rather than do only the first half (Sonlight B) or the second half (Sonlight C) of World History, I recommend this one-year condensed program. Although, of course, I had to leave some things out, it's my best effort to slim down our two-year program to a single year.

Student: 2-3 hrs | Parent: 1.5 -2 hrs

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