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Refuel Your Homeschool

Parents, this download is just for you! Having your goals, a homeschool mission statement, and memories in one place is a great tool to review on those days when you are struggling. Pull out this lap book/scrapbook when you need to refuel your homeschool.


A Guide to Setting Goals and Remembering the Reason You Homeschool

Homeschooling offers great rewards. You get to teach your children to read, cuddle up on the couch to read great books, and experience all those moments when learning finally clicks. With great rewards, come great sacrifice... and homeschooling is no different. Boy, some days are tough, and it would be nice to have a reminder of the why behind your choice to homeschool.

Download this FREE Refuel Your Homeschool scrapbook to:

  • Set academic goals
  • Acknowledge spiritual goals
  • Capture your favorite homeschooling memories
  • Include pictures of your children and family
  • Write a mission statement
  • Evaluate the reasons you love homeschooling

Take a few moments to recharge, refocus and refuel your homeschool with this FREE downloadable scrapbook.

Want to make it a homeschool project? Check out our Memory Book to involve your kids in documenting their year-end homeschool memories!

Download Your Free Scrapbook!

Many people believe that by putting your visions for anything in writing can help it become a reality. Having your goals, a mission statement and special homeschool memories in one easy to access place will serve as a reminder of why you homeschool and also help you track progress.