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U.S. Elections Unit Study

The American presidential election is a perfect opportunity to add civics, government, and current events to your homeschool lessons and family discussions. 


Studying U.S. elections has never been easier!

Use this free unit study to introduce your children to the presidential election process in a simple, thorough way.

  • Ever wondered how the president is elected?
  • Want to learn about past presidents, forms of government, or how to vote?

It starts with understanding the election process!

This unit study covers a range of grades (ages 8-12+) and developmental levels. The 40+ pages include creative writing prompts, additional opportunities for research, coloring pages, copywork, hands-on activities, a word search, crossword puzzle, vocabulary and more.

Election Day Unit StudyElection Day Unit Study

Download this FREE Election Day Unit Study and learn about:

  • Forms of government
  • The branches of government
  • What is an election?
  • Election process and timeline
  • The electoral college
  • The political parties
  • How voting works
  • Suffrage
  • The polling process
  • The presidential campaign’s timeline
  • Election vocabulary
  • All about election day
  • Rules for electing the president
  • The Inauguration
  • Fun facts about elections, presidents, government and more
Free U.S. Elections Unit StudyFree U.S. Elections Unit Study

Download Your Free U.S. Elections Unit Study!

Add this unique unit study to enhance your homeschool. Use it as an addition to your school day over 6-8 weeks.

Ready to do a deep dive into all things presidential?

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