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In your 4th Grade curriculum, bring life to the history of this unique nation. Walk alongside families whose lives intersect with major historical events. Meet characters who grapple with the difficulties around them and overcome in the end. Biographies, historical fiction and absorbing Readers add depth to your chronological study. Key players in American history feel like old friends. You meet people you should know in order to be culturally literate — fascinating characters like Christopher Columbus, Benjamin Franklin, Harriet Tubman and Helen Keller.

The overarching goal for this fourth grade homeschool curriculum is for children to understand the context and progression of American history. Children will grasp why people came to a new land and how they persevered and settled the continent. Get excited about the American spirit of creativity and entrepreneurship that has stayed alive through the years.

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Discover why time zones and "fast food" came into existence. Examine how mass immigration, women's suffrage and the Great Depression impacted the social, political, and economic climate of the country. Discuss how racism has influenced life for individuals and the entire nation throughout the years.

Celebrate the positive aspects of our history: the establishment of a government by a free people apart from a king, the move toward unprecedented equality, the compassion that has historically flowed out of the American Church, two Great Awakenings that led thousands back to God ... and so much more! Americans have been far from perfect, but there's certainly a lot of good in our history to teach our children.

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