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The Horizons Math Placement Test - Readiness Evaluation helps to determine the level at which a new student is ready to begin studying in the program. Here's how the Horizons math placement test works. If a student successfully completes the readiness test for Level 3, then the student should be placed into Math Level 3.

Begin testing at the grade level the student should be in next. If the student does poorly, have them take the test for the previous level. If a student is breezing through a test, have them attempt the test for the next level. Instructions for scoring and evaluating the results of the test are given on the answer key pages.

The Horizons math placement test for each level should take from 30 to 60 minutes. Students should be able to complete the tests on their own with the instructor making sure that they understand the directions for each individual activity. See the First level test for special instructions on giving that test orally and for scoring the activities.

As always, use some common sense in evaluating the scores. Look at the problems that have been missed. If all of the incorrect responses occurred in one or two types of problems then the student may simply need some remediation in those areas and should not be placed back a grade level. For enrichment of the identified areas of weakness, refer to the "Appearance of Concepts" in each of the Teacher Handbooks. It will locate lessons where these concepts were taught.

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