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5 Ways to Corral Homeschool Clutter and Create Activity Centers

When you run an entire school inside the same four walls where you also eat and sleep, there’s no shortage of stuff. Learning to corral the homeschool clutter is a necessary part of the homeschool lifestyle. In our family, we … Continue reading

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8 Affordable Homeschool Storage Solutions

Before getting into all the homeschool storage solutions I have for you, let me first say this: Homeschool organization is about practicality and not merely about good looks. A Pinterest perfect homeschool room will do you no good unless it's … Continue reading

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Two Homeschool Organization Myths That May be Holding You Back

Homeschool organization is my jam because the more organized my homeschool is, the less time and money I waste. First, I don't waste time looking for things because I know exactly where they are. Second, I don't waste money buying … Continue reading

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Back to Homeschool Checklist

I was cruising through our local Target earlier this week only to be stopped in my tracks by the enormous back to school display. I suppose it's reasonable to expect, given that it is August and Labor Day (typically the … Continue reading

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A gift to your child's future spouse: organization skills

When I asked if homeschoolers need to teach organization, Anne-Marie wasn't so sure. She replied: I would think homeschooled kids are less likely to need formal teaching [in organization skills], because they are more likely to see the creation of … Continue reading

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Do you start your day already feeling behind?

The morning broke overcast and sluggish. The tasks that filled the schedule loomed large and imposing. And everything, everything, took longer than it should have. Except that one thing, which was a wonderful relief in the midst of a Monday. … Continue reading

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And so it begins!

The end of August has arrived, and so has the start of school for many families. The beginning of a new school year always represents a fresh slate for me. It brings the promise of new learning experiences, new challenges, … Continue reading

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