Moms, Pics, and Beams

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Happy Mother's Day!

Speaking of Mother's Day, we sent out an email to almost 105 thousand people yesterday (and it took many, many hours to do so). If you didn't get that email, but want the Mother's Day wishes, you can get it via RSS on our Sonlight Feeds page. Just click on the "Sonlight Special Offers" link near the top and add it to your reader.

You can also get the Beam there too.

And Ariana is absolutely right: I broke a cardinal rule of blogging by not posting a picture of my haircut. To make up for it, I had Bo snap one of me looking penitent:


Unfortunately, I don't have my nice camera here, so we had to use one around the office. And I didn't get a before and after. Sorry!

Happy Mother's Day, moms! Have a great weekend.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Expectant Father

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10 Responses to Moms, Pics, and Beams

  1. Jennifer says:

    Luke, that is not a penitent look. Penitent looks usually have a pout with them, or at least the hint of one. You can't pull this stuff over on moms... we know better. :)

  2. Mrs. C says:

    LOL he has his hand over his mouth to cover the smirk on his face.

    And where's the "before" picture?

  3. ~ Angi :) says:

    Penitent? *That's* your penitent look??? [incredulous]

    Methinks you have the look that says "Please! Please don't throw that egg at me! I'm begging you!"


    (Of course, I'm willing to give grace. Perhaps you prefer behind the camera, rather than in front of it!)

    ~ Angi, feeling jovial. :D

  4. Robin says:

    Hmmm. Looks like your cut went better than mine. Yours is LONGER!

  5. Ariana says:

    lol, thanks for the picture. I do really like the short cut :)

  6. Luke says:

    Jennifer, I can't pout. ...wait... maybe I can. I haven't tried recently without my wife laughing at me...

    Mrs. C, the "before" picture was lost to the sands of time when I forgot to have Brittany snap one before she started hacking.

    Angi, <sheesh> here I was, trying to be clever and all, and you refuse to accept my penitent look. <sigh> I was even biting my fingernail! And I don't mind the camera <smile>.

    Robin, I haven't seen pictures of your haircut, but it sounds like there's a reason for that? My wife did a great job, but my cuts are easy to do <smile>.

    Ariana, you're welcome <smile>. Glad you like it!


  7. mom says:

    Sweet "do", Luke!

    Tammy ~@~

  8. Luke says:

    <laughing> Thanks! It's pretty standard but people keep saying it looks good. So, that's good <smile>.


  9. Heather the Mama Duk says:

    Definitely not a penitent look. More like, oh, smart alecky lol

  10. Luke says:

    <sheesh> I can't win <laughing>.


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