Meghan's New Beginning!

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My daughter Meghan has struggled in public school far too long. We finally decided that homeschooling was for us. We wanted a Christian curriculum as she has suffered in the world without a strong foundation.

Today was box day! The excitement was wonderful! I told her that we could take a day or two to begin. She couldn't wait!

Meghan and Zipporah Opening Boxes

She chose to begin by reading her bible reading for day 1. She asked me questions I never thought to ask!

Praise God! We're already blessed! Thanks Sonlight!

 ~ Rivka, Meghan and baby sister Zipporah

All the New Books

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Box Day

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2 Responses to Meghan's New Beginning!

  1. Julie says:

    Thanks for sharing your box day! Reading the Sonlight choices brings out so many discussions in our family. Even my get-it-done type 12yo joins in our discussions.

  2. Lilian says:

    Oh this post made me teary eyed. Great job momma! Please be sure to update!

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