Look What I Got

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It's coming...

Request your Sonlight Catalog today!

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Surrogate Father

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About Luke

Filmmaker, Writer, Pseudo-Dad
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16 Responses to Look What I Got

  1. Angela says:

    that is just mean. i'm salivating.
    gimme the skinny... does core 1 change at all? or should i go ahead and empty my cart today by placing my order?

  2. Robin E. says:

    Oh, it looks so pretty!!! It's still on track to mail Friday, right?

  3. se7en says:

    OH NO WAY!!! And it will take extra long to get to the far side of the world...

  4. Michelle says:

    you ARE mean!! I'm trying to forget so I won't be looking for it for the next three weeks, and disappointed nearly every day when it's not in my mailbox...

    which is silly, since I already pretty much know what I need for next year.

    but that fact does not negate my excitement when it arrives!

  5. Leslie says:

    Yippee!!! Looks great - can't wait!! :)

  6. Annemarie says:

    You are just plain CRUEL.



  7. Ann says:

    Nope, not fair. I've already placed and received my order and won't need another one for at least a year, if not longer! I don't need a catalog, but boy do I want one! It's funny to me that all the information is online, but I still want to read the catalog cover to cover! :-)

  8. TexasHeather says:

    so....are you saying if we request a catalog now, we'll get the new one, not last year's??? Really???

    And if I order today, from the old catalog, will a new catalog come in my order??? I so want one!!!

  9. Jana says:

    I think Luke needs a spanking for teasing us so !!!

  10. Cotton Blossom says:

    With a picture like that...YOU should be on the cover!

  11. Luke says:

    Angela, Judy mentioned on the Forums that there are no major changes expected to Core 1. <shrug>

    I believe so, Robin. I believe so.

    Sorry, Se7en.

    Yes, Heather, you will get the new one. We stopped sending last year's a few weeks ago because we're almost out <smile>.

    Glad everyone is so excited <smile>. And, yes, it was cruel... but I meant it in the most loving and fun manner possible. <smile>


  12. Jana says:

    Oh ! OH ! I can't wait to see the changes to 1, that is the core I am getting next !!!

  13. TexasHeather says:

    -SWEET!!!- Can't wait, then!

  14. Heather the Mama Duk says:

    You know you look a little evil in that picture. Because you know you have what everyone else wants.

  15. Luke says:

    Yes, Heather, yes. But, as I said before: I mean it in the most loving and fun manner possible.


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