Gotta Fly!

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Sorry, friends. My plane to California takes off in two and a half hours and I still need to get to the airport.

Gotta fly!

[A pun! Shocking!]

Why am I suddenly going to California?

Any guesses? (And, no, sadly, it has nothing to do with my adoption... sorry).

I hope to have a chance to catch up on all the blogs I didn't get to today, and fill you in with more details tomorrow.

Hope your Thursday has been less crazy that mine <smile>.


 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Expectant Father

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Filmmaker, Writer, Pseudo-Dad
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6 Responses to Gotta Fly!

  1. Mrs. C says:

    Let's see!

    You are selling a BIG BATCH of Sonlight to a school district in California. :]

  2. Kim & Dave says:

    Doggonit!!! I was hoping it WAS adoption related!!!

  3. ~ Angi :) says:

    The only thing I know in Cali is film. So . . .that's my guess, Mr. Filmmaker.


  4. Jenn says:

    Have a safe trip!

  5. Sheri says:

    Did ya fly in that special plane with the bikini clad model?

  6. Luke says:

    Mrs. C, sadly, no. That would have been cool though [smile].

    Kim, I would have liked that too.

    Angi, close. Sort of close [smile].

    Thanks, Jenn. It's been safe thus far. Will be flying back on Sunday.

    Sheri, I would have laughed really hard. But we flew Frontiers... in a plane with the Lynx on the tail.

    Thanks for pitching in [smile].


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