How to Host a Sonlight Give-Away on Your Blog

Bloggers often contact us when they are interested in hosting a give-away on their blogs. In exchange, they promote Sonlight, write a post about their experiences with Sonlight, or review one of Sonlight's amazing products.

Rather than have you go through the hassle of contacting us, waiting for us to get back to you, getting approval and then waiting for something to be shipped to your home, we want to make the process more streamlined. Here's how you can post a Sonlight give-away on your blog:

  1. Go to My Rewards and see how many Rewards Points you have. If you don't have any yet, it's time to add some links to your site and start sharing your Rewards ID with your friends (you can find even more tools on our widgets page).
  2. Based on the number of Rewards Points you have--as well as any money you're willing to put into promoting your blog--decide how big of a Sonlight Gift Certificate you'd like to give-away.
  3. Write your blog post(s) sharing what you love about Sonlight. Be sure to include links with your Rewards ID so your readers can get the $5 discount on their first purchase and you can earn points toward future purchases (and give-aways).
  4. When you select a winner, use your Rewards Points to purchase a Sonlight Gift Certificate and then forward the email you get from Sonlight on to your winner.

This process is perfect for you because:

  • You can host give-aways as often as you like.
  • If you've been using your Rewards ID well, it won't cost you anything.
  • Your winner will get to choose what will most benefit her family.
  • The give-away is electronic--no need to ship anything!
  • By hosting a Sonlight give-away you promote your blog and can earn discounts on your next Sonlight purchase.

If you're interested in reviewing one of Sonlight's products, please review one of our programs or products you've used with your children. We have found that sending a product specifically for review is not as effective as hearing about your experience with a Sonlight History / Bible / Literature program, or MathTacular, or Sonlight's Psychology program (for example). Please post your thoughts and experiences with any of Sonlight's products, and be sure to include your Rewards ID in the links so we can offer you a small token of our appreciation by giving you Rewards Points.

I have a major website dedicated to homeschooling/moms.

From time to time, Sonlight has decided that a blog/site provides so much value to its readers that we offer an item (or two) for a give-away, contest or event. If you believe your blog/site offers homeschoolers/parents this kind of value, we'd be happy to consider partnering with you for a give-away.

To begin the process please send us:

  • Your site's URL (e.g.
  • Your average number of visitors per month (must exceed 10,000)
  • The topics you tend to cover on your site (e.g. baby-wearing, homeschooling, coupons, encouragement, education news, politics, product reviews, Bible studies, recipes, etc.)
  • Details concerning your contest/give-away (e.g. Homeschool bloggers top-picks give-away during our annual "Mommies Meetup" virtual conference)
  • Request for any specific item you'd like to be able to give-away. We have offered items such as:

We will review your request and get back to you at our convenience. We encourage you, in the meantime, to take advantage of our Sonlight® Rewards Program.

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