Operation World CD-ROM RR101

Operation World CD-ROM

7th Edition

This item has been discontinued.

  • Author: Patrick Johnstone & Jason Mandryk

The definitive prayer guide to every nation, completely updated, searchable and portable.

Learn about the nations of the world and discover how you can join in God's worldwide mission — especially through strategic prayer. This CD-ROM holds a wealth of fascinating information on every country in the world. Follow the daily prayer schedule and pray for the entire world in one year, or use this as a powerful research/reference tool. You can easily search the vast amount of information included and find just what you need.

Operation World releases a new, revised edition every 10 years. This 7th Edition contains the most up-to-date, comprehensive world prayer information.

  • Detailed portrait of every country in the world
  • Maps of each country
  • Geographic information
  • People groups within each country
  • Economic information
  • Political information
  • Religious make-up of each country
  • Daily Prayer Calendar
  • Answers to prayer
  • Challenges for prayer
  • Persecution index
  • Tons of formatted data tables
  • Intuitive user interface, table of contents, menus, navigation, hyperlinks, and search features

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