MathTacular Educational Kit RM60

MathTacular Educational Kit

Manipulatives Package

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Age Range: 5-12
Grade Range: K-7

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MathTacular Educational Kit gives you the manipulatives you need to get the most from the included MathTacular Manipulatives DVD. You also get a Math Manipulatives Guide which shows you how to get the most from each of the manipulatives included in this kit. This package is distinct from MathTacular. The DVD included in your Educational Kit contains most of the activities included in MathTacular, but focuses on the activities which can be done with the included manipulatives.

The MathTacular Educational Kit is designed as a full supplement to your Pre-K through 2nd Grade math studies. MathTacular Educational Kit was created for a wider, non-homeschool specific audience. This is an excellent complete package which you can give to a student from any educational background.

The MathTacular Educational Kit DVD features more child-friendly navigation so your children can find the activities they want to watch without your help. They can take joy in learning math without interrupting you.

Remember: The MathTacular Educational Kit does not contain all of the activities in MathTacular.


  • MathTacular Kit DVD (67 of the 88 activities in MathTacular)
  • Bear Counters
  • Color Tiles
  • Red & White Counter
  • Mini-Clock
  • Die
  • Base Ten Blocks
  • Pattern Blocks
  • 12" Wooden Ruler
  • Number Flash Cards
  • Number Chart
  • Gram Centimeter Cubes
  • Geoboard with Bands
  • Popsicle Sticks & Pinto Beans (for place value practice)
  • Sidewalk Chalk
  • and Math Manipulatives Guide

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