MathTacular Bundle (1, 2, and 3) RM00

MathTacular Bundle (1, 2, and 3)

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Age Range: 5-12
Grade Range: K-4
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Get the first 3 MathTacular® DVDs at a discounted price! Also includes digital access.

Get the first 3 MathTacular DVDs at a discounted price! Also includes digital access.


MathTacular Trailer

Math is "unbelievably understandable" AND fun with Justin!

Apples teach fractions, cars serve as rulers, and a bear hunter shares his snacks! And the best part is this: you'll have fun learning math in every minute of this video...

We armed Justin with a complete list of concepts from every top Math K program–including Horizons, Saxon, and Singapore. He gathered all sorts of manipulatives–from blocks and clocks, to marbles and cars!–and created nearly 100 real-world scenarios to demonstrate how math surrounds us in our everyday experiences. Learn about everything from addition, subtraction, place value and estimating, to ordinal numbers, mass, area, fractions, money and more.

Justin's unique style and humor captivates in this new DVD. You get over four hours of math activities and games–plus PDF training tools you can print from your computer at home.

Founded in concrete skills, enriched with creativity, and splashed with humor, MathTacular® is sure to become your children's favorite math supplement. Your child may even have a new favorite subject!

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MathTacular® 2

MathTacular2 Trailer

Justin is back. And he's brought lots of friends to help turn math into a favorite subject–using humorous, real-life fun with numbers.

Your students can build on the concepts they learn in the original MathTacular, as Justin unleashes fun new ways to learn math. After a bit of "review" on basic addition and subtraction facts, children discover new tricks to help them memorize. From there, each concept builds on the others–turning basic understanding into a natural ability to remember and use what they learn.

In MathTacular® 2, Justin unlocks the secrets of:

  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Money
  • Time
  • Place Value
  • Number Theory
  • Data and Statistics
  • Geometric Shapes
  • Spatial Relationships
  • Measurements
  • Perimeter and Area
  • Graphs
  • Basic Equations
  • and more!

Even estimation and basic geometry are "easy peasy" with help from this smart, funny guy–and his clear, engaging real-world examples and scenarios. Each topic is covered in its own short segment, so students can easily and quickly find any concept or problem whenever you need them to review or "practice." Even so, they will enjoy watching the entire program any time!

MathTacular® 2 makes it easy to learn (and teach) more than 20 concepts from the top "elementary math" programs, including Horizons, Saxon and Singapore. Get ready to laugh out loud as your children (and you) learn to understand and enjoy math more than ever before.

DVD Video + digital access (about 2 hours)

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MathTacular® 3

MathTacular3 Trailer

Mathtacular 3 takes the mystery out of more than 50 concepts from the top elementary math programs, including Horizons, Saxon and Singapore. A wide range of students can all use the "Professors" tricks as Justin builds on concepts developed from Mathtacular 2. It's "onward and upward" as your students follow the gang into more advanced math. Don't be surprised if everyone gets so hooked that they gather around to watch Mathtacular 3 for hours!

Topics covered:

  • Multiplication
  • Division (short and long)
  • Estimation
  • Mathematical properties
  • Equations
  • Factors
  • Prime numbers
  • Spatial relationships (like angles and coordinate planes)
  • Time zones
  • Money math
  • Conversions
  • Fractions
  • ...and so much more!

Justin uses hilarious situations to help students master these new math concepts and skills, with short learning segments followed by quick reviews or practice sessions.

DVD video + digital access (about 4 hours)

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MathTacular 1 (RM32)

Your child will understand and enjoy numbers like never before! Watch Justin unlock the "mystery" of every concept in Sonlight's Math K programs—in one set of videos (DVD + digital access).


MathTacular 2 (RM33)

Justin is back. And he's brought lots of friends to help turn math into a favorite subject—using humorous, real-life fun with numbers.


MathTacular 3 (RM37)

Discover more secrets to make learning math easy and fun—with Justin and friends...

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