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  • Author: Bruce Whitney, Ph.D.
  • Illustrated Content
  • Binding: Pb

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A fun, creative guide to homeschool P.E.

Written by a Ph.D. professor of physical education who is also a homeschooling father of eight children, this book includes 40 weeks of Phys. Ed. curriculum lesson plans just for homeschoolers from our selection of homeschool electives.

Dr. Bruce Whitney presents fun and effective means for achieving and maintaining fitness through indoor and outdoor games you can — and will want to — do at home with from one to four participants of similar or mixed ages. (How about the games titled Speedy Soccer, Frisbee Football, Deck Tennis, Cops and Robbers, and dozens more?)

Dr. Whitney believes true physical education should involve preparation for a lifetime of physical fitness. And so his program includes exercises that address all four of the primary areas of physical fitness: cardiovascular capacity and endurance (what we call aerobic fitness), muscle strength, muscle endurance, and flexibility.

The book includes 4 weeks' worth of outline Phys. Ed. curriculum lesson plans, easy-to-use and fully explained fitness tests, and thorough explanations of rules and proper techniques and skills for a wide variety of popular sports and worthwhile physical activities. (Ever wanted to know the correct techniques for walking and running? Rhythm activities, including dance? Basketball free throws? Football punts?)

This is truly an astonishingly complete guidebook from our selection of homeschool electives. Wish our PE teachers had been so creative!

10"x8" pb binding, Illus.

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