Secrets of Great Communicators - DVD CR101D

Secrets of Great Communicators - DVD

Simple, Powerful Strategies for Reaching the Heart of Your Audience

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  • Author: Jeff Myers
  • Pages: 192

A six-step video coaching system that will quickly transform you into a fearless speaker.

Depending on the surveys you read, you'll find that public speaking often tops the list of people's greatest fears, ahead of poisonous insects, financial ruin, and even death!

Do you know what that means? The average individual who attends a funeral would prefer to be the one in the casket than the one delivering the eulogy!

Humorous as that illustration may be, most people don't realize how important the skill of public speaking is. The skill of public speaking can...

  • help you achieve your greatest goals in life;
  • rocket you to personal and professional success;
  • give you newfound confidence in your abilities;
  • and even empower you to change the course of history.

Age 15 or 70 — young or old — it doesn't matter. If you don't have the skill of public speaking, then now is the perfect time to acquire it.

From the time you start high school, everyday life is filled with hundreds of opportunities to speak before groups of people. Just take a look at this brief list:

  • Welcome guests to a special event
  • Witness to friends and family
  • Organize and direct a meeting at work
  • Raise financial support for a missions trip or special cause
  • Propose a toast at a graduation dinner or wedding reception
  • Give an announcement in church
  • Respond to questions during jury duty
  • Speak during Sunday school
  • Deliver an announcement at a community event
  • Lead a Bible study
  • Express your opinion at a Home Owners Association meeting
  • Share your thoughts in a book club
  • ...and the list goes on

If you're like me and have wished you were a fearless and effective speaker — no matter how common or extravagant the occasion — then you'll be excited to learn about Dr. Myers' program, Secrets of Great Communicators.

In Secrets of Great Communicators, you'll learn how to conquer your fear of public speaking, organize your talk for maximum impact, reach the heart of your audience, and deliver your talk with confidence. You'll become privy to the secrets of an unforgettable speech. In everything, you'll discover how public speaking will help you achieve your highest goals.

Best of all, you'll learn all of this in only a few hours.

How the Program Works

Dr. Myers' Secrets of Great Communicators is different from other programs because he not only teaches on the videos, he actually demonstrates effective public speaking. Rather than letting students get lost in the theory of a textbook, Dr. Myers anchors them by offering himself as the real, live example of how to be an effective public speaker.

Be assured — Dr. Myers is an effective public speaker. Sandy Hotz, one of our Sonlight Curriculum Consultants, took the opportunity to go all the way through Secrets of Great Communicators. She writes, "When I want to learn something, I find an example to follow. Dr. Myers is definitely a good example. By the end of the first video, I had already compared Dr. Myers' speaking style with those I have heard previously and had ranked him as the most effective. His speaking style develops bridges with his audience, and he doesn't stay aloof — that is the type of speaker I want to emulate."

I, too, watched (and enjoyed!) Dr. Myers' videos. He enunciates clearly when he speaks, uses effective hand gestures and expressions, and speaks passionately about his subject. By merely analyzing the speaking style Jeff demonstrates in the videos, you could gain more than enough knowledge to improve your speaking ability many times over.

Students are almost guaranteed success with Secrets of Great Communicators. Its multi-faceted approach appeals to all learning styles. The video provides visual and auditory input, and the workbook provides an outlet for expression in the form of the written word. It doesn't matter how you learn because Dr. Myers has covered all the bases.

A typical lesson will go like this: The student begins with a warm-up designed to stimulate his or her imagination of what is possible through public speaking. Then s/he watches a video session. During this time, the student completes a fill-in-the-blank outline included in the Video Coaching section of the workbook. By using the outline, the student retains 80-90% more than s/he would have otherwise.

After the video is done, the student proceeds through a Dynamic Review where Dr. Myers highlights the key points from the video. This is immediately followed by a Personal Application exercise so the student can learn more about himself/herself and his/her unique speaking style.

The biographies of great leaders — like Winston Churchhill, Abraham Lincoln, and Teddy Roosevelt — are woven throughout the workbook. The biographies of six key figures preface each section, while many more appear throughout. These examples demonstrate the awesome power of skillful public speaking and give students real world role models to whom they can aspire.

Furthermore, Dr. Myers includes in his workbook speech outlines to assist students in writing their own speeches, an especially helpful resource for jump-starting the creation of any speech. You'll find outlines for writing welcome speeches, dedications, commencements, and a host of other specific types of speeches — 15 outlines in all!

When you order Dr. Myers' program, you'll receive the DVD and a 188-page workbook in an attractive hard plastic case.

One Hundred Percent No-Risk Guarantee

Secrets of Great Communicators comes with a 100% no-risk guarantee. Dr. Myers says, "If you're dissatisfied with your order, I insist that you return it for a prompt, cheerful refund."

If you've hesitated — for any reason at all — please be assured that we will refund every last penny of your purchase price (minus return freight costs) if you are in any way dissatisfied with Secrets of Great Communicators.

So let me ask you... Would you like to:

  • Improve your confidence?
  • Banish your fear of speaking in public?
  • Skillfully share what's on your heart and mind?
  • Take advantage of public speaking opportunities?
  • Launch a lucrative side-career in public speaking?
  • Possess the peace of mind that confidence in your speaking ability brings?

If so, then you'll want to order Secrets of Great Communicators to plug into Dr. Jeff Myers' expertise. Let him show you precisely how to achieve the life you've dreamed of through the rare but valuable skill of effective public speaking.

Remember: If you order a History / Bible / Literature program at the same time you order Secrets of Great Communicators, you'll save an additional 10% off the program.

Age Range: Secrets of Great Communicators is really aimed at high school students and above — ages 14 and up. A 12- or 13-year-old student could learn a lot from the program, but probably wouldn't get as much value out of it as an older student would.

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