A Child's History of the World CH15

A Child's History of the World

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Required Resource for History / Bible / Literature C. (Included in B, and W. If you purchase History / Bible / Literature C and have not used B, or W, you will need to purchase this book separately.)

This is the 1997 edition (last updated in 1994) of the famous classic by the headmaster of the Calvert School of Baltimore. Hillyer presents a delightful narrative history of the world from "the beginning" to the mid-1990s. A warm, grandfatherly telling of a real story.

Note: Racial slurs have been removed from this version.

History comes alive in this text, painting a picture with words of the past. This text links together the many books you'll read and places you'll discover in your 1st or History / Bible / Literature B package. Follow the schedule and notes in your Instructor's Guide and discover the history of the world.

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