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Hands & Hearts Activities B - World History

Bring the past to life

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Hands & Hearts B includes four delightful projects that give your children a glimpse of the world in days gone by. Here's what you'll experience:

  • Egyptian Marketplace
    Would you trade some papyrus for a fish? As you recreate an Egyptian marketplace, through role-play you'll learn how to barter, become a savvy seller and capable communicator, too.
  • Ancient Knucklebones
    When school's out, what's an ancient Greek or Roman kid to do? Let's play Knucklebones! They tossed real bones aloft; you'll bake up some faux osseous matter. Play alone or with friends, but you'll still have to be quick to catch modern bones.
  • Greek Amphora
    Hands On Painting Activity
    The Greeks were known around the world for their red-and-black pot artwork, pronounced "AM-for-uh." If you're up for amphora, here's the opportunity to design and paint your most creative interpretation.
  • Glow-in-the-Dark Constellation
    Hands On Art Activity
    When ancient Greeks looked at the night sky, they saw more than stars. You can bring the starry night indoors (think bedroom ceiling) and learn about constellations, too, with this glitter-paint project.

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