George Muller BH06

George Muller

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With scarcely enough money for his own family, George Muller sponsored a "Breakfast Club" for orphans that eventually filled five large houses and cared for 1, children. Muller's faith and generosity have set a standard for Christians of all generations. A gripping true story.

One the greatest ways to boost our faith is by seeing how God has been faithful in the past. We may tell children that God answers prayer, but when they experience George Muller praying for bread for an entire orphanage, they can feel the weight of need. When they catch their breath as he gets news of a miraculously broken down bread cart just outside his door at breakfast time, they will never forget this truth.

Biographies of people like George Muller demonstrate clearly how God is active in the lives of His followers. Allow this book, and others in your 1st Grade or History / Bible / Literature B package, to increase your faith and challenge you and your children to rest in God's provision.

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