Twenty and Ten AA16

Twenty and Ten

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Twenty school children hide ten Jewish children from the Nazis occupying France during World War II.

During the German occupation of France, twenty French children are sent to a refuge in the mountains. When 10 Jewish children are brought to the school, hiding them seems like a game — until the Nazis arrive, and ten lives depend on the cunning and courage of twenty. An astonishing, beautiful tale based on a true story.

Like the events in The Hundred Dresses, this book helps your children consider how they care for outsiders and confront the ugly side of humanity. Is Kindergarten or Sonlight A too early to consider WWII? Not at all. This age-appropriate title brings one of the greatest conflicts of world cultures to light, and reminds us all that we must act with compassion and courage. Just one of the many amazing aspects of using Sonlight's complete homeschool curriculum.

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