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Two Images that Portray the Homeschool Lifestyle: a Day at the Beach and the Archer

As I continue to reflect on my own upbringing, I offer the following two analogies of godly parenting and homeschooling. I trust they are an encouragement to you as you raise your children and help you answer questions others may … Continue reading

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Raising Brave Girls (Not Perfect Girls)

I wonder if many children lose their bravery around middle school. With such intense pressure to fit in, the allure of conformity outweighs courage. Then it’s hard to gain it back. I’m sure this happens to both girls and boys. … Continue reading

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Sonlighters Appreciate a Nuanced View

If there is one extreme of the postmodern who feeds on doubt and uncertainty, and the other extreme of the modern who offers absolute assurance, I feel like Sonlighters are in the middle, at least in some things, saying, “I … Continue reading

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Sonlighters Talk with Their Children

One thing I notice when I'm around my Sonlighting friends is how much they talk with their children. When, for example, the 10-year-old comes up to ask a question, my friend pauses the conversation and she and her son interact. Her son matters. He … Continue reading

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A Heart for the World (5 Gifts You Can Give Your Children That Last a Lifetime, Part 5)

I grew up in a community so tiny we didn’t even have a post office. We had to drive an hour to the nearest mall. And yet, the world came to my kitchen table while my family homeschooled together. What … Continue reading

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A Voice They Can Trust (5 Gifts You Can Give Your Children Part 4)

As a homeschool grad, people ask me all the time if I'm glad I was homeschooled. Though I've given a wide variety of reasons I'm thankful I was, I have a new favorite answer after reading Kate's powerful post.  I … Continue reading

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The Gift of Play

It's just another day of school. You know, math, reading, slaying dragons, building forts and climbing trees. Sound like your typical classroom? Today I want to give us all permission to let loose a little and PLAY. (I thought about … Continue reading

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