Full-Grade Package

Pre-Kindergarten Homeschool Curriculum

At their best, the preschool years are a wonderful time of play, snuggling, stories and learning. This complete pre-kindergarten homeschool curriculum helps you gently give your children just what they need at this age. Cuddle on the couch as you read with your kids. Laugh while you do skill-building hands-on activities together. Open up the world to your young explorers.

You also see learning spill over into playtime. The lively characters you meet in your storybooks show up in spontaneous play. The books and activities lead to all sorts of child-initiated, brain-building creativity. For all the relaxed fun and special time in store here, your children will learn by leaps and bounds as well!

Did you know that the single greatest predictor of children's future success is how much people read to them before they enter Kindergarten – more than socioeconomic or even genetic factors? Reading aloud to your children greatly increases their vocabulary and attention span. Basic children's books contain a much wider vocabulary than most college-educated adults use in normal speech. Watch your children effortlessly learn the words they need to know through your reading.

These components add up to a wonderfully delightful pre-kindergarten program that helps you give your children what they need to grow. Finish your curriculum with great memories, a closer relationship with your children, significant improvements in fundamental skills and a fire for learning that will continue to grow in the Sonlight years ahead.