So you've picked out your Core, Language Arts, Handwriting, Math and Science? Great! That's all you really need to do with your kids to start.

But when you're ready for some extra enrichment, don't miss Sonlight's exciting options for Electives. Consider ...

Three Reasons to Use Homeschool Electives

1. Electives broaden children's horizons

Art, music, foreign language, PE and practical life skills all help kids understand more about the world and themselves. In other words, electives help create well-rounded students. Once you get to high school, know that colleges expect to see some electives on your kids' transcripts--particularly foreign language and some exposure to the fine arts.

2. Electives help kids discover their gifts

Even if you are not musical, artistic or gifted in languages, you might have a child who is. You won't know until you give them a chance to explore these areas and see where they shine. Maybe you have a budding artist in the house, just waiting for a chance to discover it.

3. Electives are fun

From silly art projects to fun music CDs, electives let you step back from the regular routine of school and just enjoy your unique children.