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Fallacy Detective

3rd Edition

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  • Author: Nathaniel Bluedorn, Hans Bluedorn
  • Read Alone Grade Range: 8 - Adult
  • Christian Publisher
  • Binding: p

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Amazing! A fascinating (truly!), fun (yes!), complete, easy-to-use introduction to 23 logical fallacies and 10 propaganda techniques: what they are, how to spot them, how to avoid them. Designed by two homeschooled brothers for use by middle and high school homeschoolers.

Deals with a wide range of question-avoiding, assumptive, and statistical fallacies, including such classics as the Red Herring, Ad Hominem, Genetic, Tu Quo Quoque, Straw Man, Part-to-Whole and Whole-to-Part, Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc, and more. Divided into 38 brief and enjoyable lessons that include "perfect" high school-level examples and 10 to 20 quick exercises that reinforce and teach the concept through use. Complete answer key. Instructive "Fallacy Detective Game." Occasional Scripture quotations.

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