Grade K Readers w/ Language Arts K

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Learn to read! The Grade K Readers w/ Language Arts package is designed for kids who are ready to learn the alphabet.

Grade K Readers

Perfect for children ready to learn the alphabet. Introduces each letter and the primary sound(s) it makes, and gets the creative juices flowing with simple writing activities (with you as your child's scribe). Select this as part of your Core P4/5 or Core A program.

Features the Sonlight-exclusive Fun Tales--a sequence of 27 booklets that help kids start reading as soon as possible. The first story uses only six simple sounds; the last uses all 26 letters.

The included Instructor's Guide (IG) gives you all the tools you need: schedule, lesson plans, Activity Sheets, teaching tips and more. Just follow the guide to teach reading, phonics, spelling, copywork and creative expression. Your guide also schedules the optional workbook below.

Use the Quick Reading Assessment to see if this is the right level for your child. Request a 3-Week Instructor's Guide sample.

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Instructor's Guides

Language Arts K Instructor's Guide (KLG)

Teach your children with confidence!

This Instructor's Guide fully equips you to teach Language Arts for Grade K Readers. Includes schedule, student activity sheets, instructions for multi-sensory approaches to teaching letter sounds, phonics, spelling, dictation, and a complete creative expression/pre-writing program.

Language Arts

Language and Thinking for Young Children (KL02)

Recommended Resource for Language Arts for Grade 1 Readers. An easy-to-use, one-year course in oral language and thinking skills for children from Pre-K through 3rd grade using regular family activities.

My First Picture Dictionary (KL04)

Over 500 words in alphabetical order with a simple definition and clear, full-color illustrations.

BINGO Markers (KL081)

Required Resource for Language Arts Grades K-1. Set of 50 plastic markers for use with both Alphabet Sounds BINGO and Letter & Word BINGO.

Alphabet Sounds BINGO Cards (KL082)

Extra Alphabet Sounds BINGO cards.

Go A to Z! (KL11)

A Sonlight exclusive Go Fish!-style card game to help students learn the basic sounds of the letters in the English alphabet.


Fun Tales (KR01)

A Sonlight exclusive set of 27 booklets geared to the letters as learned. Stored in a handy slip cover box. Includes zany kid-friendly illustrations.

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Consumable | Optional Language Arts

Consumable Items

Language Arts

Extra Language Arts for Grade K Readers: Sounds, Letters, and Easy Words Student Activity Sheets (KLG1)

Consumable. One set of these consumable sheets is included in Language Arts for Grade K Readers. You need one set per student.

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Optional Language Arts Items

Language Arts

Teacher's Guide for Ready... Set... Go for the Code (KL034)

Provides teachers with several exciting options for instruction as well as basic principles for effective reinforcement. Expands on the skills presented in the student books A, B, and C.

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Ready . . . Set . . . Go for the Code (KL03)

Consumable, Optional. A three-workbook introduction to all the consonants of the alphabet except the letter "x." Scheduled as optional in Language Arts for Grade K Readers.

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Sound Cards (RL20)

Full color, sturdier versions of the black and white Sound Cards included in the Language Arts for Grade K Readers Instructor's Guide.

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