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Grade 3 Readers w/ Language Arts 3

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Includes books, schedule, and study guide with comprehension questions. Features books written at a third grade reading level.

Grade 3 Readers Package

Ideal for students who need more advanced reading practice than easy reader books provide. The unique Diamond Notes method guides you step-by-step through the process of teaching your children to write winning paragraphs. Select this as part of your Core B, Core B+C, or Core C program.

Features books at a third-grade reading level with controlled vocabulary, multiple illustrations, compelling stories and short chapters to encourage reading. Children enjoy detective stories, thrilling historical fiction and heartwarming adventures.

The Instructor's Guide (IG) provides the tools you need: schedule, lesson plans, discussion questions, Activity Sheets, teaching tips and more. Just follow the guide to teach spelling, copywork, writing mechanics, paragraph construction and creative expression. Your guide also schedules the optional workbooks below.

Use the Quick Reading Assessment to see if this is the right level for your child. Request a 3-Week Instructor's Guide sample.

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Instructor's Guides


Clara and the Bookwagon (3R30)

The story of a little girl who wants to learn how to read more than anything—and her father who thinks there is no time to read on the farm.

The Long Way to a New Land (3R31)

Things are bad for Carl Erik and his family in Sweden, where they face starvation. So they decide to emigrate to America for a better life. But before they can get there they have to leave everything and endure a journey over land and sea.

The Long Way Westward (3R32)

Now that Carl Erik and his family have made it to America, they travel across the country to find their new home. On the way they discover many surprises about this new land.

Prairie School (3R33)

Noah is a hard-working nine-year-old boy on the Colorado prairie. When Aunt Dora arrives to teach him school, Noah doesn't think he needs it. But he discovers that what Aunt Dora has to teach really is actually very worthwhile.

Keep the Lights Burning, Abbie (3R34)

When Papa has to sail to town and Mama is sick in bed, it is up to young Abbie to make sure the lighthouse stays lit so that all the ships are safe. True story.
Pb. illus.

Third Grade Detectives #1 and #2 (3R35)

This book has two mysteries: The Clue of the Left-Hand Envelope and The Puzzle of the Pretty Pink Handkerchief.

The Chalk Box Kid (3R36)

When nine-year-old Gregory moved to a new town he had a hard time adjusting to a new neighborhood and a new school.

The Paint Brush Kid (3R37)

It's summertime and Gregory doesn't know what to do. He and his friends get an idea that they can paint Uncle Pancho's house with stories of his life in Mexico. Heartwarming.

Cora Frear (3R38)

Cora is a little girl who loves to ride in a horse and buggy with her dad. But one day they see a prairie fire approaching and know that their horses can't outrun it. They're trapped! What will they do to survive?

Tippy Lemmey (3R39)

Leandra, Paul, and Jeannie are three kids with one big problem: Tippy Lemmey. Tippy is a neighborhood dog who chases them, barks at them, and snaps at their heels. He is their number one enemy. But then one day they realize that he might not be so bad after all.

Third Grade Detectives #10 (3R40)

When a valuable fifteenth-century statue of Joan of Arc is destroyed at the local art museum, it looks like a case for the Third-Grade Detectives! Who would do it, and why?

Tornado (3R41)

Farmer Pete sits with a group as they await for an oncoming storm to pass and tells stories of his childhood dog, Tornado. This beautiful story captures the love between a boy and his dog.

Jake Drake: Bully Buster (3R42)

Jake is a nice kid with one big problem: he always gets picked on by bullies. Can he use his brains to figure out a way to solve this problem and rid his school of bullies?

Third Grade Detectives #4 (3R43)

A thief is in town and it's up to the Third-Grade Detectives to solve the case before everyone in class loses their stuff!

Secret Valley (3R44)

What do you do when you've left your home in Missouri to prospect for gold in California . . . but when you arrive, there is no gold to be found?

A Question of Yams (3R45)

Kuri's father plants their yams in the name of Jesus Christ, though the Head Men of their village insist that they should be planted with reverence for the spirits.

The House on Walenska Street (3R46)

A warm and touching story about a Russian Jewish family who has lost its father and wants to emigrate to America. Set just before World War I and the Russian Revolution. Wonderful historical fiction.

The Littles (3R47)

A simple story about a family of mice-sized people who must survive in a giant world through quick wits and kindness. Fun!

The Last Little Cat (3R48)

The last cat of the litter was a runt. And this is the story of how he found a home.

Riding the Pony Express (3R49)

Dick Park is the son of a Pony Express rider, Katy Kelly is the daughter of a way station master, and Little Bear is an Indian boy who lives nearby. How three friends keep the mail moving is just part of this fast-moving tale about the great experiment in transcontinental communication.

The Viking Adventure (3R50)

Sigurd, a Viking boy, cannot see the value of learning to read and write. All he can think of is adventure. But then he has an adventure that he cannot help but tell. And to do that, he decides, he must learn to write. A fine story for young readers.

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Consumable Items

Language Arts

Extra Language Arts for Grade 3 Readers Student Activity Sheets (3LG1)

One set of these consumable sheets is included in Language Arts for Grade 3 Readers. You need one set per student.

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MCP Phonics Level C (2L19)

Optional workbook for Language Arts for Grade 3 Readers. Consumable. Full color edition. Your child will learn about hard and soft sounds and will become familiar with identifying consonants in the beginning, middle and end of words.

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Wordly Wise B (2L05)

Consumable, Optional. Fun vocabulary-building exercises strengthen students' thinking and writing skills. Students learn multiple definitions of words and use them in sentences and puzzles.(For Grade 3.)

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