Why Sonlight?

Once you've decided to teach your children, you have many options available to you.

My name is Amy Lykosh. My parents are John and Sarita Holzmann, the founders of Sonlight, and I'm the oldest Holzmann child and a second generation Sonlighter. I loved the way I was taught. I loved being able to talk to my parents; loved reading books; loved having free time to explore our own interests.

And that's what I hope for your children, too. That they will love the way they are taught.

Please realize that we are not trying to belittle any other company. I have heard success stories from parents who have used a wide range of homeschool methods and products. You might be one who is better served by another program.

But thousands of people have found that Sonlight makes their homeschooling a joy. I hope you will read this short series of emails, and be excited to join us for the year to come!

Available in two formats, for your convenience.