Homeschool families give one quarter million dollars to translate God's Word.

Approximately 1,200 homeschool families banded together to give an amazing gift to the Meetto people of Mozambique —funding for the very first translation of the New Testament in the Meetto language. Despite the challenges of a recession and the youth of the participants, the group gathered a quarter of a million dollars—enough to fund the translation for the Meettos as well as begin translation work for the Ning people of Tanzania.

LITTLETON, Col.,—Dec. 28, 2009—Imagine opening a blank Bible ... never being able to read the teaching of Jesus in the language you understand best. Today there are more than 2,000 languages that still don't have their own translation of the Bible. That is the predicament facing the 1.2 million Meetto people of Mozambique -but not for long. Thanks to a group of homeschool families, two language groups are closer to being able to read the New Testament in their own language.

Homeschoolers who use Sonlight Curriculum made it happen through the OneVerse | Sonlight Project with The Seed Company. These homeschoolers raised over $250,000 for Bible translation.

Sarita Holzmann, Sonlight's co-founder and president, invited homeschool families to participate in the OneVerse | Sonlight Project and offered to match their gifts dollar-for-dollar, up to $125,000. Gifts of nearly $126,000 from about 1,200 families helped reach that goal.

"Sonlighters have a heart for the world, and bringing a Bible translation to a people group that has not had God's word in their own language is a goal and challenge in line with that heart," said Holzmann.

Through their gifts, the homeschoolers funded the translation of the entire New Testament verse-by-verse for the Meetto people from Mozambique. The group also raised enough to fund a quarter of the New Testament for the Ning people of Tanzania. With funding in place, native translators on the ground can move forward with this vital work.

"The Seed Company is celebrating and thanking God that two entire people groups, representing over 1.5 million speakers, will begin to hear the Word of God in their own language," said Jonathan Kern of The Seed Company.

Students not only raised funds for Bible translation, but also participated in an eight week educational program. The Seed Company produced lessons that introduced students to other cultures and languages, provided activities for kids that focused on the world outside the U.S. and taught children about the work of Bible translation.

One homeschool mom explained the power of pairing both learning and giving in her children's lives: "They see the faces they are helping; it's put a face on Bibleless peoples for them. It's rearranged our priorities and connected us to our Sonlight family, our Christian family and our world."

You can join in the OneVerse | Sonlight Project by making a year-end tax deductible gift to the Ning translation project. Learn more at


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