Why Are Learning Styles Important?

There are a few very good reasons you should know your children's learning styles:

  1. If you know your children's learning styles, you'll be far better equipped to teach them.

    Most parents assume their children learn exactly like they do. For instance, if the parents are visual learners, it's not at all uncommon for them to expect their kids to be visual learners, too. But children often have different learning styles than their parents. Furthermore, they often have different learning styles than their siblings. The sooner you understand student learning styles and which learning styles your students have, the sooner you'll be able to connect with them on a deeper and more meaningful level, and the sooner you'll be able to teach them effectively.

  2. You'll be far better prepared to choose a homeschooling curriculum.

    Without knowing your children's learning styles, you may choose a curriculum that doesn't reach your children where they are. It might do a decent enough job of educating them, but it won't give them an optimal education. Once you know your children's learning styles, you can choose a homeschooling curriculum that meets their needs... and you can be confident about your decision.

  3. You'll know how to help your children understand others.

    Kids get frustrated just like adults, many times because of their failure to communicate effectively with others. By understanding the different learning styles yourself, you can then help your children understand them too, which will help them relate to and communicate better with the various people in their life.

We believe it's essential to know your children's learning styles. If you don't, you may continually experience frustration with your children, and that's no way to go through life. Better to take the time now to understand how your children learn, not only for their sakes but for your sake, too!

One of the best books about learning styles we've come across is Focus on the Family's classic book The Way They Learn by Cynthia Tobias.

Exploring Your Child's Learning Styles

Do you and your child clash? Are you concerned about homeschooling because your student is just so different from you? You're not alone! Each student is different and this can prove challenging to teachers. As a homeschooler, however, you have the unique opportunity to find tools that match your student's unique learning style.

Learn how to homechool with various learning styles. Whether your student is an auditory, visual or kinetic learner, you can homeschool. Homeschool moms share what they have learned about homeschooling various learning styles in this informative and insightful webinar.

When you understand your child's learning style, you will be able to make better curriculum choices for your homeschool. You will also be a more effective teacher.

The above video offers tips for your child's learning style, no matter what grade you student is in. These ideas will help you match your learning environment to your kinetic, auditory or visual learner.

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