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Why Sonlight?

What do you get as a Sonlighter? More time to spend with your children, books your children will read again and again, a broader view of the world, a love of learning, and more!

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2008 Rice Bag Letter

Homeschool families give one quarter million dollars to translate God's Word.

Homeschool families give one quarter million dollars for Bible translation through the Sonlight | OneVerse project.

What is literature-rich homeschooling?

Real books make learning come alive and allow you to combine students. Come experience learning the way you wish you'd been taught!

The Benefits of Homeschooling

When John Holzmann first suggested to his wife Sarita that they consider homeschooling, her initial response was, “You aren’t going to tie me down like that!”

At the time, Sarita could have used some suggestions on the benefits of homeschooling. But after she started homeschooling, she found that she loved it, so much so that she started Sonlight Curriculum.

And now she shares with you some of the biggest benefits that she found homeschooling offered her family. These seven messages might not entirely persuade you to homeschool, but you’ll have a better understanding why some families do.

Inspire Your Children to Learn

How reading great literature can ignite your children's passion to learn

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What You Need to Know About Homeschooling Before You Start

The Benefits and Disadvantages of Homeschooling

Fall Boost the Basics Sale

Is homeschooling right for you?

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6 Things You Need to Know About Home Education

6 Things You Should've Known Before You Started Homeschooling

It Was Worth It!

Real Stories to Inspire Your Homeschool Journey

Real stories from homeschoolers who share how homeschooling has proven to absolutely be worth the effort.

Is homeschooling right for you?

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Get a program that matches your child's skills

Homeschooling with Excellence No. 2

Sarita's Vision

Sonlight's president shares the heart behind Sonlight

Sarita Holzmann, Sonlight's president, shares the heart behind Sonlight and the vision that sparked a legacy of literature-rich curriculum.

Homeschooling with Excellence No. 3

Better Ways to Use Your Instructor's Guide

Homeschooling with Excellence No. 4

The 7 Essentials PDF

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Homeschooling with Excellence No. 6

How to Make Sure Kids Understand What They Hear

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Preschool Program

Fiction, Fairy Tales, and Fun for Little Learners

Now your little ones can begin the homeschool journey with an engaging program designed just for them!

Confused about Language Arts?

When our Product Development Team heard from a frustrated and confused young Sonlighter, we weren't surprised. The caller was struggling to understand Language Arts, and wondering if she was failing. She certainly felt like she was floundering!

Homeschooling with Excellence No. 7

Teaching Bible, Memorization, and History

Homeschooling with Excellence No. 8

Homeschooling with Excellence No. 9

Homeschooling with Excellence No. 10

Homeschooling with Excellence No. 11

Homeschooling with Excellence No. 12

Homeschooling with Excellence No. 13

Homeschooling with Excellence no. 14

Homeschooling with Excellence no. 15

Homeschooling with Excellence no. 16

Homeschooling with Excellence no. 17

Homeschooling with Excellence no. 18

Five Preschool Ideas PDF (FFP9)

Five Preschool Ideas PDF (PCP)

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Sonlight. The original "real books" curriculum.

How to Motivate Your Children to Write Well

Many parents wonder how to motivate their children to write their best. As you might imagine, there are several different schools of thought on how to do this.

Want Your Early Elementary Students to Experience Wonder and Delight?

A Gentle Introduction to School

A Payment Plan to Meet Your Needs

Sonlight Curriculum's easy payment plans


Identify and Then Fix What's Not Working in Your Homeschool

Is something not working in your homeschool? It's your homeschool – you can adjust.

Diary of an Early American Boy

Worksheet Answer Key

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