Scholarship Winner Interview: Scott McIntosh

Scott McIntosh shares his passion for quality education for all, the daring-do of his first 8th grade Algebra class and what gave him an edge to get into Harvard Law School.

Scott McIntosh, 2004 Sonlight scholarship winner, just completed a Master's of Education and will be attending Harvard Law School in the fall. He is now finishing his second year as a Teach for America Corps Member where he has been teaching 8th grade Algebra in San Francisco. Long term, he'd like to be involved in state and national public policy as an elected official.

Scott was homeschooled from Kindergarten through 12th grade with the aid of Sonlight Curriculum for the majority of those years. He is "passionate about educational inequality and want[s] to be involved in the long-term fight to ensure that every child in America has an opportunity to attain an excellent education." He is married to Audrey, his wife of two years.

Quotes from Scott McIntosh, Scholarship Winner:

"Through my homeschool education I gained a Christ-centered and well-balanced worldview, an ability and desire to learn independently and a perspective on education that extended far beyond the walls of any classroom. "I really appreciate how experiential my homeschool education was and found the ability to learn through a variety of hands-on experiences to be excellent preparation for success in college and beyond. The Sonlight curriculum and scholarship were both very influential in my academic and spiritual growth and development."
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