Scholarship Winner Interview: Erika Kidd

Erika Kidd explains how Sonlight helped her meet her husband and she challenges families to make space for reflection as they educate their children.

Erika Kidd

Erika Kidd, 2000 Scholarship Winner

Erika Kidd, homeschool graduate and first ever Sonlight scholarship winner, used the first year of her scholarship to attend Augustine College where she met her husband of nine years. She graduated with an M.A. in Philosophy and is currently teaching and writing her dissertation on Augustine's "On the Teacher"Â and communication with the goal of receiving her Ph.D. in 2013.

She enjoys gardening, cooking, entertaining, reading novels and poetry (T. S. Eliot and Scott Cairns are favorites), traveling and sitting on her front porch with her husband.

Quotes from Erika Kidd, 2000 Scholarship Winner:

"Homeschooling gave me time to reflect and helped me begin to cultivate attention (probably an increasingly rare virtue)."

"Sonlight rightly encourages its students to think about the connections among subjects, and the Instructor's Guide is full of good questions to prompt conversation and thought. Sonlight fostered my love of reading."

"Students need time to observe, to think, to get caught up in a project or question for an afternoon (or a lifetime); homeschooling provides this opportunity."

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