Stressed about homeschooling your kids? Concerned about being stuck at home with yammering, resentful, unhappy children? Fearful you may fail as a teacher?

I told my husband I never wanted to homeschool: "You're not going to enslave me by making me homeschool!"

But 27 years later, I am thrilled to say I discovered a method that made homeschooling a pleasure rather than a chore, something my kids and I looked forward to … and something we all look back on with fondness.

I have helped over 200,000 families enjoy similar results. I am ready to share my secrets with you. A simple plan. All the resources you need.

Sarita Holzmann, President

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The K Family, Ajo, AZ
Sonlight: transforming homeschooling

"Sonlight has transformed my vision of what homeschooling can be!"

Courtney R Lomabard, IL

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