Apologia Human Body, Advanced Biology

Please Note: the reproductive system is covered in detail, including frank (not pornographic) illustrations and descriptions.

The textbook is hardbound. This advanced biology book is the student text, which contains all student material, on-your-own questions and solutions, laboratory exercises, and chapter study guides. It has color illustrations and diagrams.

The answer key is softbound. It is the solutions and tests manual, which contains answers to chapter study guides, tests, and test solutions. It is black-and-white.

The Human Body, Advanced Biology Contains Three Kinds of Labs

Microscope Labs

Requires a microscope and special prepared slides. The prepared slide kit includes 16 slides:

  • Human blood smear
  • Human bone tissue
  • Human cerebrum
  • Human heart muscle
  • Human liver tissue
  • Human lung
  • Human mouth, epithelial cells
  • Human red bone marrow
  • Human salivary gland
  • Human skin
  • Human skin w/t.s. hairs
  • Human spermatozoa
  • Human stomach
  • Human striated muscle
  • Human testis
  • Human tonsil w/lymph nodes

Dissection Labs

Requires a dissection tool kit and Advanced Biology Dissection Animals.

This item includes:

  • Cow Eye
  • Sheep Heart
  • Fetal Pig - double injected (arteries- red, veins-blue)
  • 3 disposable dissection trays

Coloring Book Exercises(550-17 - anatomy coloring book)

These are probably the most important "lab" exercises for the student to perform. There is a lot to memorize in this course, and the coloring book will help the student quite a bit. This is NOT a juvenile coloring book. It is the same coloring book used in many university Anatomy and Physiology courses.

This learning tool teaches anatomical concepts and illustrates all the structures and systems of the body through coloring exercises, an effective teaching device that also aids in the retention of the material. Detailed illustrations are organized according to body system and a color-key system links terminology to illustrations, reinforcing learning and impressing upon students the visual details of anatomy.

This unique guide to human anatomy and physiology provides a visual study of the diverse organs and systems of the human body and how they work.


Students need to have completed one year each of high school biology and chemistry before taking this advanced human biology course.

Apologia Human Body Complete Package

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