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Introduction to American History, Part 2

Stories to stimulate imagination and fuel learning!

  • Trek along with a 19-year-old boy as he braves the dangerous jungles of South America.
  • Engage in the experiments of African American George Washington Carver as he invents many things including peanut butter.
  • Follow wheeling-and-dealing Eric, as he works through seventeen "swaps" to get his friend a special gift.
  • Join Jack Flagg as he looks for gold and finds adventure.
  • Unearth the secrets of America's most prolific inventor (Thomas Edison). Witness the frustrations, failures, joys, and amazing triumphs that led to many technologies that we take for granted today—such as the light-bulb, music CD's and even movies.

A world of excitement, adventure, and learning awaits in 19 books that your children will read and read again!

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