DIVE Into Math

Dr. David Shormann's DIVE CD is your video tutor for Saxon Math!

Dr. David Shormann's DIVE Into Math ( DIVE stands for Digital Interactive Video Education) programs walks your children through each of the Saxon Math books, from Math 5/4 to AP Calculus. As if s/he were attending a live classroom lecture, your student will hear Shormann's voice and watch him make graphic presentations of the problems on a digitized whiteboard screen that fills up the computer screen.

This software offers one additional benefit that you will not find with live or video teachers: at the touch of a button, and virtually instantaneously, you can pause, rewind, and replay any portion of any lecture.

Combine Dr. Shormann's smooth, steady voice and on-screen illustrations with the tactile behavior of students writing out the problems themselves and you're maximizing the learning experience through the aural, visual and kinesthetic paths to students' minds! All of these elements together make for an outstanding learning environment.

As an experienced math and science teacher to homeschoolers, Dr. Shormann seems to have a good grasp on what students need to hear in order to understand the concepts. Though he usually uses the same methods that Saxon does to solve problems, sometimes he teaches alternative approaches, and he often offers tips to make things easier.

Shormann works out the examples, practice problems, and even a few specific problems from some days' problem sets. He proceeds step by step with good explanations.

On all DIVE programs, Shormann provides his own practice problems so that, if students need extra practice, they can do the practice problems in the book as well.

What a deal! Less than $100 per year for a personal math tutor!

Requires a computer with sound; Windows 95 or higher with Windows Media Player (a free download) or Macintosh with Virtual PC software.

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