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An Overview of Your Handwriting Options

For the handwriting options below, read over the descriptions, then pick a brand. You likely need only one brand for your family.

Don't be overwhelmed. Any one of the brands below is a good option that has helped thousands of students develop excellent handwriting. (And if you ask a group of homeschooling moms which is the best, you'll probably find some advocates and some detractors for each, which isn't necessarily helpful for making a confident purchase.)

So read the descriptions. Which appeals to you the most? Choose that. And if, at some point, you decide it doesn't work well for your family, pick another one.

Beginning in Kindergarten and continuing through anything from Fourth to Sixth grade, we encourage you to instruct your children in the skills of handwriting through one of three prize-winning programs: the Scripture-oriented, traditional handwriting program called A Reason for Handwriting; the comprehensive, self-assessing Getty-Dubay Italic Handwriting program; or the innovative, developmentally-oriented Handwriting Without Tears.

Students receive further handwriting practice — and they ought to be graded on and credited for the handwriting work they do — in their Language Arts Dictation and Creative Expression assignments.

Dr. Beechick argues that once handwriting basics are mastered, usually by 3rd grade, then students should practice handwriting in the process of writing. Sonlight Language Arts programs follow her advice. We offer separate handwriting curriculum materials and post optional schedules, so you have these tools when your students need them.

Samples of the
Three Handwriting Styles
Handwriting Without Tears A Reason for Handwriting Getty-Dubay
Handwriting Without Tears Sample A Reason for Handwriting Sample Getty-Dubay Sample
Samples of the
Two Writing Papers
2-Line Paper: (Handwriting Without Tears) 3-Line Paper: (A Reason for Handwriting & Getty-Dubay
2-Line Handwriting Paper Sample 3-Line Handwriting Paper Sample

How should you choose?

We have heard no real complaints about A Reason for Handwriting. Many people have told us they had good success with Getty-Dubay Italic Handwriting. So why did we add Handwriting Without Tears?

Primarily because we have never before heard the kind of positive passion about a program that we have heard from users of Handwriting Without Tears.

Our thought: if you've been using one of the other two handwriting programs successfully, you should stick with it. Otherwise — if you have been using another handwriting program but not had success, or if you haven't started yet — we think you might want to seriously consider using Handwriting Without Tears.

Take advantage of our optional handwriting schedules if you want a little more structure in your handwriting assignments.

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