Sonlight’s NEW Scope & Sequence

2020 Updates

All Sonlight programs are changing their recommended age and grade ranges beginning April 1, 2020.

At Sonlight, we love listening to our customers and for many years we have received feedback from you indicating just how robust our programs are. We've heard your comments that some History / Bible / Literature levels are too difficult, too advanced or that the content is too mature for the currently recommended age/grade ranges.

In response to this feedback and with the addition of our NEW Kindergarten Program designed for 5-6 years-olds, we are able to update our Scope & Sequence and adjust the age and grade ranges to better reflect the age-appropriateness of each level.

History / Bible / Literature levels A and above will be adjusted to reflect an older age and grade range.

This updated Sonlight Scope & Sequence will take effect April 1, 2020 when all of our new packages and programs go live for the 2020 year.

Same amazing curriculum, same letter names, now just shifted a bit in age and grade recommendations.

What do these changes mean for your family?

Purchasing an HBL?

  • Just purchase the next level in the sequence as you normally would.

Purchasing Science?

  • Just purchase the next level in the sequence as you normally would.

Purchasing Language Arts?

  • Just purchase the next level in the sequence as you normally would.

Purchasing an ASP?

  • With each Sonlight level now recommended for an older age group, purchasing an All-Subjects Package in 2020 will look a little bit different. For example, if you purchased a 1st grade All-Subjects Package last year, you received History / Bible / Literature B. Since Sonlight B is now recommended for 2nd grade, if you purchase the 2nd Grade All-Subjects Package you'll receive History/ Bible / Literature B again...oops!

Don't worry – we've made sure there is a simple process to get exactly what you need. Use the tool below for a list of what you need to purchase this year to stay on track, based on the ASP that you used last year. The only difference is that you'll want to buy each product individually instead of purchasing a pre-built ASP. You'll still get the 20% discount as long as you've added all of the components of an All-Subjects Package.

We are confident that these changes will serve your family well and improve your student placement as you plan for the coming school year.

Please remember, we also have Advisors who are prepared to walk through your order with you. Give them a quick call to ensure you've got exactly what you need.

Homeschool questions? Sonlight Advisors have answers. Contact an Advisor.

How do I know what I ordered in the past?

Its easy! Click here for simple instructions.

We have created a handy tool to facilitate your ordering process

Select the Package You Previously Purchased:

Full-Grade Preschool Package
Pre-Kindergarten Package - Exploring God's World
Pre-Kindergarten - for students ready to read
Kindergarten All-Subjects Package A
1st Grade All-Subjects Package B
(1MSP | 1MSP4)
2nd Grade All-Subjects Package B+C
2nd Grade All-Subjects Package C
(2MSR | 2MSR4)
3rd Grade All-Subjects Package D
(3MSP | 3MSP4)
4th Grade All-Subjects Package D+E
4th Grade All-Subjects Package E
(4MSR | 4MSR4)
5th Grade All-Subjects Package F - Boy
(5MSPB | 5MSPB4)
5th Grade All-Subjects Package F - Girl
(5MSPG | 5MSPG4)
6th Grade All-Subjects Package G
(6MSP | 6MSP4)
7th Grade All-Subjects Package H (5- & 4-Day)
(7MSR | 7MSR4)
7th Grade All-Subjects Package W
8th Grade All-Subjects Package J
8th Grade All-Subjects Package 100
9th Grade All-Subjects Package 200
10th Grade All-Subjects Package 300
11th Grade All-Subjects Package 400
12th Grade All-Subjects Package 500

Then purchase the following to build your All-Subjects Package this year

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