Challenge Crates by RumbleLab

Homeschool STEM activities just got a lot more enjoyable! With Challenge Crates by RumbleLab, you’ll find awesome projects to help children become problem solvers. You'll enjoy spending time with your kids and helping them learn problem solving skills by making stuff. Your child won’t even realize they are learning!

Each Challenge Crate is a box of supplies with everything included to encourage your children to make and create. Each crate has a story, a mission. Use the specific parts and pieces that come in your crate and work as a team (your family!) to complete the mission.

The developers of Rumble Lab want a fun family activity. As they say, “some of our fondest and most formative experiences were working on projects with Dad. Our team is passionate about coming up with awesome projects for families to build together.” Learn by doing and build family connections.

Find it easy to skip Science experiments? You’re not alone. RumbleLabs also offer a chance for STEM learning—that Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics that is so vital to our world today. Allow your children the hands-on experience, and the science becomes effortless, obvious. Learn by doing with enjoyable STEM activities.

We have two options available, both suggested for families with children 7 and up.