Piano Wizard

Version 2.0

A fun, intuitive program that teaches your children to play the piano through a natural game ... even if you have no music experience!

What is the Piano Wizard Academy?

It's a complete piano learning system designed to simply and intuitively teach you and your children (up to 8 in your household) how to play the piano. It requires no previous experience and it makes the process fun. At the core is an engaging computer game that slowly and naturally progresses toward basic and advanced piano learning concepts. You also get unique tools to help you become your children's music coach ... even if you're not particularly musical yourself.

You will need a MIDI keyboard that connects to your computer to use Piano Wizard Academy.

Check out the Piano Wizard Academy here!

What's new in Version 2.0?


  • Better graphics provide a clearer and more enjoyable playing experience
  • Improved sound quality lets you enjoy the music you play even more
  • New getting started DVD gets you up and running quickly and hassle free
  • New Help Guide answers your questions and helps you navigate the program with ease

What do I get in this package?

You get a complete system that lets you teach your children how to play the piano. Click for a short video overview of the system. The Piano Wizard Academy Sonlight exclusive package includes:

  • Award-Winning Piano Wizard software (a revolutionary 4-step game to get your kids playing and reading music naturally)
  • Piano Wizard Academy quickstart DVD (to help you get set up and started)
  • 200 ready-to-play songs loaded into your software
  • 50 video lessons in 10 DVDs that:
    • Guide you through every phase
    • Are geared toward parents, non-musical educators and piano teachers
    • Teach you to be your children's "music coach"
    • Contain the equivalent of a full year of college curriculum (but are created for kids and adults of all ages)
  • 50 songs in sheet music (5 books of 10 each) that coordinate with the software and video lessons
  • Star stickers to help you celebrate every time your children learn a new song!
  • Bonus Christian worship music (includes more than 100 hymns you can download and play)
  • Fingerwork Fluency - a song pack for your software that makes scales, arpeggios and drill work fun.
  • Stickers (washable and removable) to color-coordinate the keys of your keyboard with the computer game
  • A unique collection of thoughts and quotes on music and the spirit (called the Beattie Etudes)
  • Piano Wizard Kid-Safe internet browser

Why is Sonlight recommending this product?

We've noticed a lot of parents looking for a way to teach their children how to play music. The Piano Wizard Academy is the best solution we've found so far. We are constantly on the lookout for products that can help Sonlighters in their homeschooling journey; we believe this is one of those products. We like it so much, in fact, that we've negotiated with the Music Wizard company to let us sell a unique Sonlight-exclusive package!

Is there a guarantee?

Yes, we cover the Piano Wizard Academy with a special 6-month guarantee.You can buy it, use it and still return it within 6 months if you don't love it.

Why is this a "Sonlight Exclusive" package? What's so exclusive?

The Music Wizard company agreed to let Sonlight offer the best price around for the full Academy.