Make history happen in your home
The M Family, Duncanville, TX

Hands & Hearts

Make History Happen in Your Home

Hands &: Hearts will be replaced by an exciting new product in the 2018 catalog.

Hands & Hearts discovery kits bring the past to life with hands-on, historically accurate projects that help your children understand and experience history in a meaningful way that sticks with them.

You'll have loads of fun creating interesting things together – Chinese dragon puppets, Greek amphora, Japanese Kokeshi dolls, American copybooks and so much more.

Each multiactivity kit contains all of the primary supplies you'll need to complete the included projects for one student. (Depending on the kit, you may be asked to supply a few common items, such as paper towels or a pencil.)

Hands & Hearts is designed to supplement your Sonlight studies by providing the opportunity to re-create an interesting piece of history. The projects are appropriate for the entire family, including reluctant students and children with special needs.