Pre-K Instructor's Guides

Explore God's World

Travel with your children on an exciting, self-paced, learning adventure.

No lesson planning ever!
Devote your time to interacting with your children, not spending hours-a-week planning, or frustrating nights staying up late wondering what you need to do the next day.

Easy to follow!
Bible, Read-Alouds, Language Arts, Readiness Skills, Science, Social Studies and Daily Activities are all laid out in 36 weekly charts. Simply open your Instructor's Guide to your weekly chart. Find the day that you are on. Enjoy daily activities with your children. Check off items as you go. It's that simple!

Paced for your youngest students!
Work at your (and your child's) pace. Do as much or as little as you want each day. But we're sure that your young scholars are sure to be asking for more as they develop a love for learning.

Eliminate burnout!
Our Pre-K curriculum is designed to start you on the path to joyful success! Over 50 years of combined experience have been poured into developing this learning system that is flexible, faith-building, and fun for you and your children.

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