Preschool Parent's Companion

No schedules to keep... no lessons to plan!

Preschool doesn't use a schedule like those offered in Sonlight Instructor's Guides.

We simply list the stories by trimester and suggest that you check them off as you read them. If your children want to read Give a Mouse a Cookie fifteen times in a row—let them do it. And if they want to skip a book or two "ahead" in the list: go ahead and do that. Remember... the goal this year is to have fun together! That's why we also include suggestions for easy activities you can do along with your reading.

No "early academics" here: Just give your little ones quality time as you read to and discover with them. Build on their natural curiosity as you cuddle together and learn to love books.

The Preschool year is an introduction to homeschooling, so this Parent's Companion is not an Instructor's Guide. Once you begin with Pre-K you can experience all the joys and benefits of Sonlight's IGs including schedule and notes, repurchase options and much, much more!

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