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Sonlight B Instructor's Guide BCG

Sonlight B Instructor's Guide
Intro to World History, Year 1 of 2

Product Details
  • Age Range: 7-9
  • Grade Range: 2-4
Item #: BCG

Language Arts options

Students at this age vary in ability, so select the program that matches your student's skill level. Begin homeschool instruction for your student by taking placement test.

Language Arts 1 1LG

Language Arts 1
Beginning to Read

Product Details
  • Age Range: 6-8
  • Grade Range: 1
Item #: 1LG
Language Arts 2 2LG

Language Arts 2

Product Details
  • Age Range: 7-9
  • Grade Range: 2
Item #: 2LG
Language Arts 3 3LG

Language Arts 3

Product Details
  • Age Range: 8-10
  • Grade Range: 3
Item #: 3LG
Language Arts 4 4LG

Language Arts 4

Product Details
  • Age Range: 9-12
  • Grade Range: 4
Item #: 4LG


Science B Instructor's Guide BSG

Science B Instructor's Guide
Animals, Astronomy, and Physics

Product Details
  • Age Range: 7-9
  • Grade Range: 2-4
Item #: BSG

Instructor's Guide Resources

Preassembly for your Instructor's Guides (IGs) IGA

Preassembly for your Instructor's Guides (IGs)

$39.99 Information
Item #: IGA
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3" Binder VB30

3" Binder


Index Tabs IN10

Index Tabs


  • You'll use the Instructor's Guide like a compass to guide your children down the path to spiritual and academic excellence.
  • You won't be able to hold back the smiles when you realize that you can sleep in and still be prepared to teach your children in the morning.
  • Just imagine... no more bleary-eyed, late nights trying to come up with a lesson plan!

Relax and enjoy teaching your children, knowing that over 50 years of combined experience has been poured into your Instructor's Guide (IG), ensuring your success. Plus, your IG is designed to be the one place that you log your progress and keep your records. What could be easier?

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