Sonlight Field Tour 2010

by Luke Holzmann

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Sonlight Field Tour

What Really Happens at Sonlight?

The first tour of Sonlight I created back in 2007 was informative but rather bland. As I prepared to make our 2010 20th Anniversary tour I wanted something that was fun to watch, got you involved in the day-to-day here at Sonlight, let you meet some people around the building and left you with a desire to share the video with your friends. Those were the criteria I set for myself as I started writing. To make the movie fun, though, I had to weave a story--however vague or simple--into the experience. So not everything is real.
Interested in learning more? Watch my Sonlight Field Tour Q&A session.

Facts about Sonlight included in the Sonlight Field Tour:1

  • Sonlight employees meet every day to pray for each other, events around the world and you
  • The power does fluctuate at Sonlight from time to time2
  • I let people say what they wanted into the camera (with mild tweaking to keep things moving and understandable)
  • We don't just watch the news3 (though we may share a fun or important clip with one another)
  • We have yet to have a monster attack the building
  • I wrote a few lines to be funny. We do believe Sonlight is the best and back that belief with a guarantee and excellent support
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