Scholarship Winner Interview: Megan Simila

Meet Sonlight grad Megan Simila and find out what aspects of her home education prepared her for Cambridge University in England—you might be surprised!

As a homeschooled student, Megan Simila's family traveled across the U.S. four times and now she continues her travels internationally as an adult. She is earning an M.A. in Child and Adolescent Counseling at the University of Cambridge in England. After her completion of that course, she plans to teach in an American school in Mexico and reach out to children in low-income scenarios. She is passionate about impacting children's lives for the better.

Homeschooled since first grade, Megan found that homeschooling served as a stabilizer in a life of transition. She credits a good grounding in basic philosophy as a major help as she engages diverse ideas in her graduate education. She enjoys traveling the world, volunteering at her church and teaching.

Quotes from Megan Simila, Scholarship Winner

"Reading about various missionaries who traveled to different cultures made it less scary for me to go overseas. I really appreciate the historical viewpoint Sonlight gives so you can see how cultures have changed over time. It helps you put yourself on a continuum and understand that your culture is not the only culture that has value."

"The philosophies and viewpoints we read in Sonlight help me even now as I'm doing my Master's degree at Cambridge. As I examine various theories, I still refer back to basic philosophies and works of literature I studied with Sonlight. It definitely prepared me for a Cambridge education."

"My passion is to work with low-income students in impoverished areas. I love teaching and the opportunity to impact kids lives for the better."

Advice on taking advantage of your home education

"The classics and the basic philosophies of life may seem tedious at times, but really do impact life. It's hard to remember that when you are studying abstract ideas in your house, but as you continue your education you begin to see clearly how people put those philosophies into practice."

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