Sonlight Homeschool Grads Reporting In

Ever wonder what happens to Sonlight scholarship winners and graduates? Find out where they are now and how they're impacting the world. Get their advice on how to make the most of homeschooling and what aspects of home education have helped them succeed.

Scholarship Winner Interview: Megan Simila

Meet Sonlight grad Megan Simila and find out what aspects of her home education prepared her for Cambridge University in England—you might be surprised!

Scholarship Winner Interview: Scott McIntosh

Scott McIntosh shares his passion for quality education for all, the daring-do of his first 8th grade Algebra class and what gave him an edge to get into Harvard Law School.

Scholarship Winner Interview: Spencer Kyle Johnson

Spencer Kyle Johnson on taking ownership of his education.

Scholarship Winner Interview: Erika Kidd

Erika Kidd explains how Sonlight helped her meet her husband and she challenges families to make space for reflection as they educate their children.

Scholarship Winner Interview: Rachel Spoelman

Rachel Spoelman, published writer, tells about her family and aspirations.

Scholarship Winner Interview: Nathan Kinard

Nathan Kinard on why homeschooling is an academic homerun.

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